REVITALOE 6000 an innovative Anti-Wrinkle & Lift Cream

Facial cream with extraordinary smoothing, structure-renewing, and anti-free-radical properties, with lift effect. Because of its light texture it is suitable for any skin that wants rejuvenating.

REVITALOE 6000 is the product of the latest research of a scientific team commissioned by Canaria Cosmetics.

REVITALOE 6000 acts effectively against any symptom of cutaneous ageing. The basic component of the skin’s connective tissue, collagen, imperative for any serious treatment used for rejuvenation, is replaced. A new technology has been developed, the molecular micro encapsulation system, permitting the combination of vitamin B5 (the beauty vitamin) with collagen that has been extracted from the Aloe Vera beforehand. The vitamins E, A and F were added to obtain extraordinary structure-renewing, and anti-free-radical properties.

Even after only a short time of use, the results are visible: after 7 days the skin is 74% tauter and 78% smoother, and after 14 days the successful lifting is stabilized, originating a new, youthful radiance: the skin is 89% firmer and more elastic.

Application: mornings and evenings, apply on perfectly cleansed skin of face, neck and neckline and pat in easily with the fingertips until completely absorbed.

Biotechnology, natural Substances, spectacular Results!


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