Canarias Cosmetics presents MAGNALOE 10000 C Cream

This exceptional face restoring cream provides a complete anti-ageing treatment. Your skin will be left feeling refreshed, smoother, and firmer after just one application.

MAGNALOE™ 10000 C totally reactivates the skin’s vital functions and has increased the active ingredients found in natural aloe vera:

Germanium 132TM: Catalyses oxygen molecules and neutralises free radicals, both of which slow down cell ageing.
Magnesium and calcium help to maintain the redox potential of cell membranes and to send impulses between nerve endings, thus regulating cell metabolism.
Vegetable Collagen is used in MAGNALOE™ 10000 C to reduce signs of ageing, enhance moisturising and diminish skin flaccidity.

The inclusion of all these elements reduces the signs of ageing skin. After one week, 96% of users reported that skin was firmer, 82% better moisturised and 98% more elastic. .

Mode of application:Apply mornings and evenings to a well cleansed face and neck.

Wrinkles visibly reduced, your skin looks “intensively regenerated”.



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