Magnaloe 10000 a luxury body milk from Canarias Cosmetics

Canarias Cosmetics, a firm established in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in 1995, shows the quality of the Magnaloe 10000 L body milk. The product is delivered on an a flashy Premium rigid bottle of 13,6 fluid US ounces, that includes a dispenser on top. This luxury body milk has a powerful biological effect, increasing cell respiration and revitalizing andMagnaloe_presentación producto firming the skin while boosting moisture levels after only one week’s use. Regular usage of this product reactivates skin’s vital functions by a 100%. On sale on the Canarias Cosmetics online shop for 28,90 €.


The product

MAGNALOE™ 10000 L Luxury Body Milk has increased the active ingredients found in natural Aloe Vera:

Germanium 132TM: Catalyzes oxygen molecules and neutralizes free radicals, both of which slow down cell ageing.

Magnesium and calcium help to maintain the redox potential of cell membranes and to send impulses between nerve endings, thus regulating cell metabolism.

Vegetable Collagen is used in MAGNALOE™ 10000 L Luxury Body Milk to reduce signs of ageing, enhance moisturizing and diminishes skin flaccidity,

Thanks to its high polyphenol content, natural white tea extract improves the body’s defenses and neutralizes the free radicals which cause cell oxidation.

Application: To combat the alterations of the skin, use daily, then every other day for maintenance.
Apply with the palm of your hand and massage-in with light circular movements until fully absorbed.
Treat problems in longer areas.

When used regularly, MAGNALOE™ 10000 L Luxury Body Milk rejuvenates and replenishes the skin, leaving it smoother, softer, firmer and brighter.


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