Canarias Cosmetics distributes its Calmaloe-Gel

Canarias Cosmetics proudly announces the distribution of the Calmaloe-Gel, a product that penetrates deeply into the skin because of its special composition, thus being extremely effective and showing fast results.
Against wrinkles: The amino acid and trace elements contained in the aloe impede skin ageing and improve its existing condition. To be used on face and neckline.
Against streaks: As humidity and flexibility of the skin are being increased, streaks already existing become weakened, and the formation of new ones is impeded.
Aftershave: The refreshing lotion after shaving or depilation, whether by blade or wax.
Hair care: The hair is invigorated and becomes gleaming. Dandruff and other impurities are removed and building new ones is impeded. Either mix with the shampoo, or use as a pack (leave for 20 minutes).
Aftersun: Should be applied after sunbathing.
In addition: It is excellent for fast wound healing and a skin reviver for spots caused by acne.
Soothes and refreshes tired legs and feet.



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